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James Hill

Posted on: March 1 2019

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James Hill

Director at Fudge Animation Studios

What’s Happening in August … with James Hill, Director at Fudge Animation Studios

What attracted you to joining your company?

Our Creative Director, Dan Weaver, (who I’ve known for many years) invited me to join the business when we started back in 2014. I’m not at all creative (in an artistic sense) but it’s impossible to know Dan and not recognise and respect his imagination and ability to tell stories. Dan has always been passionate about producing animated content which moves people and that’s what attracted me to his vision for Fudge.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your job?

I get most satisfaction from collaborating with my hugely talented colleagues. Seeing them develop their skills and being happy in what they do fills me with pride.

What advice can you give to individuals looking for jobs right now?

I really feel for aspiring animators because finding jobs in our industry is incredibly difficult. It’s so competitive that we get between 30 to 50 applications every week from graduates/artists who want work experience or unpaid internships. We employ our artists and animators based solely on the quality of their showreel and my advice would be to invest in this and showcase work which is going to be attractive to an employer, rather than showing off weird stuff that you like or which you think demonstrates technical competence. When I look at a showreel, I’m always thinking about specific client projects that would be appropriate for that artist. Showing off a 3D dragon or some dark animated film you’ve made and love is fine, but it’s not typically the sort of thing that I need to see as an employer. Keep yourself and your work front of mind by staying in touch with studios and networking at events like Festivus (look it up on Facebook). Lastly, as long as you’re in a nurturing environment where you can hone your skills, don’t worry too much about the money. Take junior roles, internships and apprenticeships where you can and the financial benefits will come around really quickly.

What are you looking forward to most this year?

We’re thrilled to be working with a world-renowned animation studio and anchor broadcaster to launch our first animated children’s TV series. Very exciting stuff.

What’s your favourite brand?

Google. Hands down. I love their passion for continuous innovation and, irrespective of the product, I trust them to find ways to make my life richer and easier.

What music makes you feel most creative at work?

Anything Disney.

What quote inspires you the most?

“Nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible!” Audrey Hepburn