Work Experience Helping Me Choose My Future Career

Day 1:

My first day at the office was one to remember. I started the day off with a tour of the office then an introduction on Bluetree Recruits. I was given advice on what to use when taking control of Bluetree social media accounts and my first plan of action was to make a slide to introduce myself to all the existing and new followers of twitter and Instagram. This was a success! Once I had completed this, it was uploaded onto Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. As well as being in charge of social media, I was set the task of creating adverts for new jobs. Completing all of them, my first day was over.

Day 2:

It was perfect weather to start the day off with an Instagram post, outside, promoting a job opportunity in Shere. We went into the town of Guildford to go and visit a client’s office and to find out what they are looking for in a candidate to recruit. After that I wrote tweets to promote many more job opportunities and started my own research of new clients who Bluetree are working with.

Day 3:

Today was another brilliant day at work. I did the usual of getting the social media posts up and running. I carried on with tweeting and organising Bluetree’s Facebook, as well as this, I created a slide for all the social media accounts and posted it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I decided to go and get some images of Guildford to represent the town of where the office is located for followers and once I finished the social media, I was shown how to review potential candidates for job. Finishing the day, I made job adverts for new jobs that have become available and that was me finished for the day.

Day 4:

Coming into the office for my final day of work experience. Today my main aim was to post job adverts and promoting posts on Instagram. Once all of this was completed, we filmed job from the top and my final day was complete.

This work experience has been amazing for me to realize that marketing and social media is the industry I would love to go into, in the future. Thank you to Bluetree for welcoming me and for a great week.

Article by Jess Robertson, future Social Media and Digital Marketing Expert

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by Claire Newman
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