January News - What Attracts Staff To Your Business?

What Attracts Staff to Your Business?

What really sets your company apart when attracting the best people to join your business? The current market is incredibly competitive with the best candidates in their field being offered multiple roles, so companies need take the time to promote what makes them stand out as the employer of choice. When searching for a new job, the most important factors cited in a July 2018 Glassdoor Study were: -

  • Salary (62%)
  • Benefits (48%)
  • Flexibility- work life balance (47%)
  • Company Culture (35%)
  • Career Prospects (34%)

An attractive salary

Let’s face it, money matters. In fact, across all age and experience levels, salary averages out as the highest priority for those looking for a new role.

Because although it’s not the only thing people look for in a job, it’s almost always the first thing. Providing details of the salary packages on offer in your organisation will help prospective employees build a picture of their suitability for the job.

And two in three jobseekers are more likely to apply when a salary is displayed.

Good benefits

For in-demand candidates, attractive benefits can act as a key deciding factor when choosing a job. Whether it’s a generous pension, a good healthcare scheme, or a substantial holiday allowance – benefits like these could be just the thing that sets you apart from other employers.

Company perks are also becoming more and more prevalent in many industries – with things like in-house gyms, and healthy food initiatives often on the forefront of jobseekers’ minds.

So, if you’ve got methods in place to boost employee wellbeing – even if it’s ‘just’ a pension, discount scheme or anything else – shout about them.

Flexibility (work-life balance)

Not only do the majority of jobseekers strive for the right work-life balance, they also want an employer who understands its importance – and respects their employees’ need to have a life outside of work.

This, as well as a role in a convenient location, will allow your potential employees to benefit from improved morale – not to mention a greater level of motivation when it comes to their workload.

So, to reach the right applicants, focus on giving them what they want. Whether it’s by providing details of options to work remotely, or opening up the option of flexible working hours, be sure to include the work life balance you can offer

Company culture

For many jobseekers, finding an organisation with the right cultural fit is essential.

Aside from ensuring factors like work environment and management style match their needs – they also want to know that the business they’re applying to work for is a reputable brand with good values and social responsibility.

Research shows that millennials in particular cite a commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) as one of the biggest reasons they’ll work for a company.

Without giving a clear indication of what it’s really like to work for your company, you’re making it harder for candidates to gauge their suitability.

Career prospects

When it comes to finding the right role, career prospects will always be important.

In fact, if you state the possibility of long-term progression, candidates are far more likely to consider it. And that doesn’t just refer to promotion opportunities – they also want to know there are ways to develop their skills through training and development.

Whether it’s helping to fund a qualification, running workshops, or offering secondments, there are many ways to promote employee well-being and job satisfaction through learning and growth.

Not only will providing these opportunities improve the amount of interest your vacancy receives, it’ll also mean those who are employed are more likely to stay for the long term.

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