Preparation for your Interview

Preparation for your Interview

Preparation is very important; you should never just show up for an interview and hope for the best. Below are some tips on how to prepare:-

Research the company as much as you can, look on the company web-site, or if they are a Plc then visit them and ask for a copy of their annual report. This will also allow you to find out how long it will take to get there and where the nearest tube or train stations are, planning your journey is crucial as lateness could reflect badly on your time management skills.

Think about the type of questions you may get asked, you may get traditional questions such as “What do you think your strengths and weaknesses are?” and “Why should we employ you?” or you could get questions directed at you, to find out what personality you have, be prepared for any question do not fluster and do not mumble.

Refresh your memory by reading your CV before you attend your interview; always take a spare copy just in case they have mislaid theirs.

Attending an Interview

When you attend an interview, you have to realise that first impressions are everything so remember to be yourself and be relaxed, below are a few interview tips:-

Make sure you turn up on time and ensure that you know who is interviewing you. If you have an application form to fill out, fill it out neatly, refer to your CV.

On meeting your interviewer, shake hands firmly and look them in the eye. First impressions are always important, be smart and appear relaxed.

When being asked questions, respond the best way you can, be to the point and try not to waffle. Never get defensive or aggressive they are just testing how you would react under pressure. Avoid giving “yes” or “no” answers, try to expand but if you feel you don’t know enough about the subject then be honest.

When discussing the job highlight the areas that you can do rather than those you can’t, remember you are always willing to learn new things so remind them of that. Listen to everything which is being said, do not look bored you must be enthusiastic.

Do not criticise old employers in front of them, they will see it as an insult and wonder what you will say about them 5 years down the line.

Do not mention money at this stage, remember they want you for the job; money can be spoken about once the job is yours.

Always have Questions ready to ask, they need to be selected carefully, not sounding too trivial or too upfront. Whether there is a coffee machine may be important to you, but the interviewer won't be impressed. Your questions should be tailored to the individual job and company, but there are some which can be used in most situations:

How to present yourself?

Whenever you have an interview you should always dress smartly, whether you are on a building site or in an office. You should have a strong hand-shake and you must sustain eye contact at all times. If there are a panel of people interviewing you, do not focus just on the individual asking you the question; speak to all of them, make them all feel that they are part of the conversation.

When sitting do not slouch or fold arms, keep hands by the side of you sit up-right and be enthusiastic, body language means everything.

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