Finding Job Opportunities in the age of Covid 19

Finding Job Opportunities in the age of Covid 19

Although we are in the toughest job market I have worked through (the 2008 recession had such a huge impact on the number of jobs the ups and downs of Brexit over the past 3 years are still being felt), there are signs of positivity in the marketplace.  The latest survey by the Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) saw the outlook start to turn away from the record lows of the spring.  In their latest survey conducted between 2-16 June, they found that more employers are planning to expand their workforce than reduce it in the next three months, as the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) continues to support firms to avoid redundancies.

I believe there will a steady increase in job numbers as we move towards September, the job market was incredibly strong in Q1 and as we move out of Q3 and into Q4 you need to make sure you are in the best position to secure the new job opportunities coming through.

What should you be doing now?

Schedule search time

You need to invest time and energy looking for suitable positions every day, researching across a variety of platforms. Search online, consult with agencies, use social media set fixed time aside dedicated to keeping up your search.


Speak to and email your contacts and former co-workers and take advantage of social media. More and more businesses and professionals are active on sites such as LinkedIn which gives you the opportunity to gain new contacts and promote yourself.

Work on your CV

Your CV is your most important self-promotional tool and gives you the opportunity to sell yourself. Make sure you spend time working on detailing your skills, qualifications, achievements and employment history. Tailor your CV for each job application, the extra work you put in can really pay off.  By drafting one master CV and spending time tweaking it before applying to a job, you can highlight your key skills and experience the recruiter is looking for in that role.

Simple things such as grammar and spelling are often overlooked. Double check everything and get someone else to proofread it for you!

Create a contact list

Write a list of all the companies, recruitment agencies and job boards you have contacted and document the date you sent your CV, who you spoke to and the response you get. This will help when you need to make follow up calls or send emails to ask for updates on your application.

Keep track on where you send your CV

Unfortunately, there are agencies who will send your CV out without your permission, some who have it in their terms by submitting your CV and cover letter to them, you give consent for them to use your details and they will send out your CV without telling you who the client is.  You should always know the company and full details of a role before being put forward.  You need to research the company and the opportunity to make sure it matches what you want in your next career move.  Speak to the agencies you choose to work with and let them know you need to know about a role before your CV is sent out, you can put in place a note on the CV stating ''No circulation of this CV without written permission".

Jobs in Demand

If you work in ecommerce or digital marketing, your skills and experience will be in high demand as the job market starts to improve.  As the world moves rapidly towards an online focused business approach, make the time to learn, study and expand your digital and ecommerce knowledge.  Those with ecommerce and digital skills will be in a great position to secure job opportunities, such as the ones listed below that we have seen an increase in demand for.

  • Social Media Specialists
  • Digital Marketing Managers / Executives
  • SEO and PPC Executives
  • Social Media Account Directors
  • Digital Product Managers
  • App & Web Developers
  • UX / UI Designers
  • Ecommerce Managers / Specialists
  • CRM Specialists
  • Email Marketing Managers / Specialists
  • AI Consultants

For more information and advice on finding your next role, contact Claire Newman

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