Dorking Town at Christmas

What does our busy town have to offer us at Christmas?

I had a slight panic one Friday afternoon in December. It was our family tradition and a time to celebrate St Nicolas, a European tradition, which has followed us through generations. It was 4pm. I was sat at my desk and I suddenly remembered I had to buy stocking fillers for the whole family!

Being new to Dorking and not really knowing my way around the shops, I was struck with fear of failing! Grabbing my coat I rushed out the door.
With the christmas lights, lighting up our streets, Dorking is a town with so many options! I played it safe at first and nipped into Waterstones first. Waterstones never fails to provide great books and stocking fillers. I then nipped into Boots, like with Waterstones you kind of know where you are at with mainstream shops.

That said, Dorking has a host of smaller chains and independents, plus they have the most amazing antique shops. I dashed down Dorking’s picturesque West Street to see what I could discover. The Christmas windows of West Street looked so pretty. It was difficult to rush down such a lovely street!
The Antiques Centre really is an inspirational row of shops. If you are into antiques then this is the street for you. If not, then this is the street where you will fall in love with antiques!

Conscious of time, I nipped into the model shop on West Street to see what offerings they had. With a large logo collection I hit the jackpot for my nephews! With a sense of relief I headed back to work. Dorking delivered!
This lovely Market town which houses loads of interesting and inspirational shops, also has a strong community who support their precious High Street. Dorking in return supports this great community with a wonderful Christmas Festival. The Festival is so much fun for the family. With the High Street closed off, there are so many wonderful stalls to buy Christmas
gifts from. Music bands play and fill the street with festive cheer and the smell of mulled wine waffs around the market stalls. With the Christmas lights switched on once dark, it really does mark the beginning of the holiday season.

Not only is there the Christmas Festival, but the wonderful Dorking Artisan Market. The market is Dorkings answer to Portobello Road and a hub of brilliant arts, crafts, antiques and vintage clothing! To mark this wonderful time of year Dorking also has a Santa’s Grotto, which can not be missed if you still believe in Santa! With Christmas trees decorating St Martin’s Shopping Centre, Dorking really is a town to Discover!

Article by Fiona Ingvarsson

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