Brexit - Top your glass up!

We know that we’re in a nervous market with the prospect of Brexit on everyone’s minds but why not think about the potential positive side effects. What constructive steps could you take to try to turn Brexit uncertainty in to job search success?

Did you know that the creative industries are one of the UK's fastest growing sectors, growing at twice the rate of the overall economy, even since the referendum.

In December 2018, a document issued by the UK government and the EU said both EU citizens and UK nationals will be able "to live, work or study as they currently do under the same conditions as under Union law" after Brexit. 

  • Leaving the EU will present exciting opportunities to innovate and be more competitive; there is a desire to promote the notion of global Britain and having equitable exchange with the world, which has got to be brilliant for the creative sector.
  • The UK is still the sixth largest economy in the world and findings from a Bank of England survey revealed that two thirds of firms are pressing on with hiring plans as normal.
  • What skills do you have which could help deal with future challenges created by Brexit? Fluency in a language, experience of working abroad, etc. Highlight these on your CV to show that you are commercially aware and emphasise the value that you add, over and above your creativity.
  • Attend networking events to find out what employers will be looking for post-Brexit and consider how you can adapt / enhance your CV.
  • Adopt an optimistic approach  - show how resilient you are at interview and how you would contribute to positive staff morale.
  • Invest your time in researching and contacting recruiters who treat you as an individual and will represent you as such.

    Article by Debbie Welch

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