Are you doing all you can to attract the best talent?

It’s an employer's market right now, however, this is not a time for companies to be complacent on their employer branding, you need to make sure you focus on what makes you the employer of choice! To beat your competitors on hiring individuals who are the most experienced and the best match for your business, you need to be on top of how you market yourselves and this includes the benefits you offer. 

Candidates want to know about your company history, who are your clients, what are your successes and why their staff choose to work with you. Combine this with a clear and detailed description of your benefits, you will be in the lead when a candidate comes to making the decision on who to work with.

Keeping the reasons why you are the employer of choice and updating your benefits should not take long and yet so many company websites still lack the facts that candidates want to see on the company or have out of date benefits that are not relevant in the post Covid 19 job market.

It’s time to change benefits such as “A full bowl of fresh fruit” or “The office dog” and fix not listing benefits at all.

These steps can make a difference in the decision process of the most in demand and talented applicants. If a candidate has job offers from two companies where there is not much difference in the job and salary, however, one offers full medical insurance against one that lists a benefit as free teas and coffees,  you can see which one they are going to choose.

Most in Demand Benefits

Flexible working hours

Work from home as well as the office

25 days holiday a year (plus bank holidays),

Additional company pension contributions

Life Assurance

Private Health Care

Training and Development programmes

Performance related bonus

Discounts on mobile phones and tablets

Another simple way to keep your employer brand high on the ranking of where people want to work, is to respond to them when they contact you.  If they are not right for your vacancy, send them an email to say so.  Don’t just delete their details or give the stock answer “due to the number of CVs we receive we cannot respond to everyone”.  

Candidates will remember positively the people who took the time to respond to them, even more so if they attend an interview and you then decide they are not right for your organisation.  Tell them.  No response can be worse than being rejected, giving them the impression that they were not important enough to respond to them when they gave their time to your recruitment process.  Use this time to build on your employer brand, spread the good word about your business and leave a lasting positive impression.

If you don’t have an HR department or a dedicated Talent Partner in your company to deal with your recruitment plans and you are looking to limit the use of recruitment agencies, Bluetree offer a Talent Partner package.  We charge a set fee and cover the complete recruitment cycle from writing job descriptions, reviewing the advertising response, screening CVs, responding to those who are successful and are not, undertake first round interviews candidates and organise subsequent interviews with the relevant people in your business.

If you don’t find the right person using this process and decide to move to the recruitment agency model, we discount our talent partner fee when we make the placement. Working with us means your time is spent on what is most needed in your business and you can feel safe in the knowledge that all candidates who applied to work for you know that you are an employer who fully appreciate the time and effort they took to contact you to begin with.

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